LASERTOUCH Series are used to read profile and diameter of railways tram wheels and brakes.
Based in laser scanning, measurements are fast, accurate and reliable.
Standard customizations allow measurement of different wheel types.
A Tablet calculates wheels parameters: Sd, Sh, qR and Diameter.
LaserTouch uses a rechargeable battery for unplugged working.
Wireless communication is possible with the Bluetooth interface.


Special design or LT profilometer allows easy and safe positioning on the wheel.
After the cycle measurement, two led indicates the state of the equipment.
The special design of the handle allows the profilometer to evaluate the actual diameter of the wheel under test.
Also is guaranteed the right angle readings. A wrong scanner position causes an alarm on the operator tablet.
Tablet reads measurements from LT and processes them to obtain main parameters.


LT series measures wheel diameter and parameters in the same operation.

More than 500 readings before battery recharge
Data transmission: Bluetooth
Magnetic support
Standard file format
Tablet included
Wheel block included
Certificate of calibration by accredited Laboratory
Carry case
Scanning range: 145mm x 50mm
X resolution: 0,1mm
Repeatibilty better than 0,05mm (Y)
Scanning in less than 5”
Weight 1,7Kg
Sd, Sh, qR and Diameter calculation
Flange height Sh: +/- 0.1mm
Flange thickness Sd: +/- 0.1mm
Flange Slope (qR factor): +/- 0.25mm
Radius: 0.25mm


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