Wheely 175 digital caliper is used to measure the parameters of train and tram wheels

  • Flange thickness (G)
  • Flange Height (H)
  • qR Factor (flange wear)
  • Thread conicity (P%)

Two digital displays indicate the values of G, H and qR parameters.
There is another small scale to read thread conicity.


On the horizontal beam the display indicates G parameter (flange thickness)
On the vertical beam the display indicates H parameter (flange height)
qR factor is obtained doing zero and moving back the horizontal slider then reading the display.
A fourth scale to measure conicity (P) is into the right jaw.
Roller bracket distance can be 60 mm (tram) or 70 mm (railway). Other distances when an order is placed.

Wheely 175 is delivered with:

  • Wheely 175 caliper.
  • Square block with standard values of G, H, qR and tread conicity P(0%)
  • Wheely 175 conformity certificate.
  • User’s Manual.
  • Case of transport.


Flange thickness measurement resolution (G): 0.01 mm (*)
Flange height measurement resolution (G): 0.01 mm (*)
qR factor measurement resolution: 0.01 mm (*)
Battery: 2 silver oxide cell SR44
Battery life: Appox 18,000 hours in continuous use
Working temperature: 0ºC to 40ºC
Caliper net weight: 520 gr
Square weight: 866 gr
Total weight (with case of transport): 2.1 kg


Wheely 175 manual EN
Wheely 175 Users_Guide EN
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