BOWARROW calipers calculates the wheel diameter by measuring the versine of the wheel arc encompassed between two tungsten carbide spherical points.

A digital comparator performs a precise calculation of diameter.


WHEELY Calipers are used to measure the parameters of train and tram wheels:

Flange thickness (G)
Flange Height (H)
qR Factor (flange wear)

A square pattern is supplied with Wheely Calipers to verify the instrument.


LASERTOUCH LT is used to read railroad car wheels profile and diameter in one single operation.

Based on laser scanning, measurements are fast, accurate and reliable.

Results are wireless sent to a tablet or PC for processing and storage.


The GAUGECAL gauge is used to measure the distance between the inner faces of a wheelset.

The gauge has a pair of tongues that sit on the edge of the flange, thereby making it more convenient when measuring the distance between wheels.


GudarTools designs and manufactures gauges for train and tram wheels. The greatest control of the wheels is done by profilometers. Traditional calipers for measuring wheel and diameter parameters are also manufactured by Gudartools, which absorbed the company Sycon, manufacturer of these calibers since 2005, thus covering all measurement and control possibilities for railway maintenance workshops. The incorporation of digital elements adds a new dimension to the measurement possibilities of our equipment. New digital models of all traditional calipers are being incorporated in our catalog. Among our clients are prestigious manufacturers in the railway sector.


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